The landscape design process has been conceived according the strictest standards. An interactive process delivers a complete set of documents to our client: every detail from hardscape to softscape.

The landscape design process flows in three stages: Design consultation, Design concept and Design documentation.

The Design Consultation is a free stage. It starts with a potential client filling in a ‘Landscape Design Brief Kit’ ( download it HERE ). The ‘Landscape Design Brief Kit’ was created to help potential clients provide the Gardenridge design office with the best possible information about their garden aspirations. Upon receiving the completed ‘Landscape Design Brief Kit’ the Gardenridge design office will make a convenient time to meet the potential client onsite to explore site features and discuss in detail the needs of the potential client.

The design office at Gardenridge will start working on the Landscape Concept drawings after the potential client has accepted the design fee proposal. This usually begins with a detailed site survey and with research into any relevant planning and/or building overlays. A Landscape concept drawing is produced with reference to the client brief, the mood board, the site survey, and any statutory constraints. The clients will receive a scaled 2d concept drawing/s including elements such as water feature, swimming pools, shade structures, outdoor furniture and plantings. On occasion concept drawings may be presented in 3d if the landscape drawing is more complex and/or the client requires this.

The Design Documentation is the last stage of the design process furnishing plans and elevations, construction details, planting plan and schedule, irrigation plan, lighting plan, and relevant specifications. Armed with a Concept drawing and Details drawings and Specifications, a client is empowered to tender their landscape project with confidence, knowing any difference in price is due to value, and knowing that they can control every aspect of the Landscape build because it is clearly explained in the drawings.

Beyond this, if required the Gardenridge design office will submit applications to relevant statutory bodies including Local Government and Building Surveyors to obtein relevant permits for items such as retaining walls, pergolas, decks, swimming pools, etc.

Please, to start the Design process download the Landscape Design Brief Kit HERE. Complete the questionnaire and send it back to

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