The highly professional Garden Maintenance team at Gardenridge maintains hundreds of gardens for discerning customers around the inner eastern and bayside suburbs of Melbourne: from Toorak to Brighton, from Camberwell to South Yarra.

The wealth of horticultural expertise captured within our Garden Maintenance team allows us to present your garden with finesse throughout the seasons. It is the extra ‘touch of soul and passion’ that gives gardens that we maintain their unique appeal.

Our services:

  • Garden make-overs
  • Periodic maintenance visits
  • Irrigation updates and reprogramming
  • Indoor plant rotation and maintenance
  • Hedging, pruning, & trimming plants
  • Fertilising, mulching & improving plant health
  • Pest, weed and disease control
  • Lawn edging, mowing, & blowing
  • Garden rejuvenation and planting restoration
  • Tree care
  • Pond and water feature care
  • Emergency repairs following storms and other disasters

For further information about Gardenridge or our landscaping services please contact us or call us at 03 9830 6400 .

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